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A day with Dan Meyer

You know when someone recommends a movie, you watch it and then walk out thinking there’s 90 minutes of my life I will never get back? Definitely not the case in Adelaide when Dan Meyer presented in Adelaide on the … Continue reading

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Numeracy Zombies…. Bringing them back to life

“There are some dead statements that keep coming back” (@pkcc1 on Twitter) These are the numeracy zombies, statements which many will argue should be dead and buried but keep coming back to life and can be extremely difficult for many … Continue reading

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How the Zen Master helped me be a better Maths coach

Who is the Zen Master and what does he have to do with maths coaching? Phil Jackson, one of the most successful coaches in NBA history with an impressive resume! Does he teach maths? No! But there are some strong … Continue reading

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Dieting for maths teaching!

“The 12 Week Maths Teaching Transformation” – makeover your maths teaching. Feel great and teach better in just 1 term! Ok so this is not the type of thing gaining 50,000 likes on Facebook or making hundreds of thousands of … Continue reading

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